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Reveal bead PVC with mesh STANDRAT

Reveal bead PVC with mesh STANDRAT

The profile is used for finishing slopes indoors and on the facades of buildings including the installation of thermal insulation system of plaster type (ETICS) , and is designed for high-quality sealing and hermetization of assembly joint of window and door structures.
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Thickness of the plaster layer, mm Width, m Length, m Quantity per pack
6 10 – 12,5 2,4 72
9 10 – 12,5 2,4 72
Other profile sizes are available on request
Packaging: cardboard box

Main function:

  • perfectly smooth application of plaster on the perimeter of the slope serves as lath for wall alignment
  • quick and economical option for sealing and hermetization of the assembly joint
  • deformation tape prevents cracks between the plaster and the window / door unit
  • to protect the field joint from external weather influences and vapor from inside the premises
  • to keep the thermal insulationfunction of the assembly joint in order to reduce heat loss
  • to provide reliable protection of the window or door structure from mechanical damage and contamination during finishing works
  • to provide aesthetic connection of plaster to the window / door frame
  • additional treatment of joints with sealants is not required
  • to reduce the time for finishing slopes in 2 times


  • made of impact-resistant, weather-and alkali-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), has a protective strip and self-adhesive seal
  • UV resistant
  • moisture-proof and vapor-permeable sealant
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The profile is used for finishing slopes inside and on building facades, including when installing the plaster type thermal insulation system, and is intended for high-quality sealing and sealing of the installation seams of window and door structures.


Профиль применяется для отделки откосов внутри помещений и на фасадах зданий, в т.ч. при монтаже системы теплоизоляции штукатурного типа (СФТК), и предназначен для качественного уплотнения и герметизации монтажных швов оконных и дверных конструкций.

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