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PLASTER PROFILESfor thermal insulation system /ETICS/

About Us

ProfileSystemsPRO Ltd. – Russian manufacturer of PVC building profiles for facade systems with effective heat-insulation/ external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)/ internal finishing work:

  • CORNER bead for vertical and horizontal corner zone reinforcement;
  • REVEAL window bead for plaster slope alignment and assembly joint caulking;
  • RENDER STOP and GROOVE bead for creation of decorative groove;
  • MOVEMENT bead for forming a visible expansion joint in the thermal insulation system – ETICS;
  • CLIP ON profile for heat-insulating boards support and other profile articles.

Located in the city of Smolensk, the company occupies a total area of 35 000 sq. m and ensures a turnout of over 3 000 000 rm products employing modern high-tech equipment.
The company focuses on a wholesale manufacture of PVC plaster profiles, e.g.: extruding and gluing fiberglass, sealing strips, and other materials capable of improving products technical characteristics and expanding their application field.

PVC is processed into profile products on powerful and high-speed extrusion lines. Co-extruders are used to integrate additional materials into the main profile (e.g. soft PVC, elastomers).

We develop and manufacture about 30% of the special auxiliary equipment to produce in an efficient manner. This also increases the production capacity of our company and maintains continuously the quality of the ProfileSystems building profiles at a high level.

Since 2001, we have accumulated vast experience in the evolution of thermal protection of buildings ETICS and interior plastering reinforcing products market. Cooperation with our company has become an UNCOMPROMISING solution in terms of quality for consumers, due to both, our partnerships with the Russian, European and CIS countries’ largest manufacturers of equipment, finished products and raw materials, and the development of our own production base since 2010.

Not only do we focus on the production of reliable and advanced products, but we also pay attention to the diverse service for its accomplishment.

In order to support business development, we provide our clients and partners with a wide range of technical and commercial services, professional assistance and advice in solving issues related to time reduction and quality improvement of installation work, as well as in the selection of necessary materials in real time.

Taking into account the ever-expanding product requirements, we launched a series of reveal beads with soft-lip in 2017. Moreover, we received a UNIVERSAL dripnose bead development patent.

The company growth and our partners’ success are guaranteed by the constant development of our products through expanding their performance and introducing innovative manufacture technologies. The competitive advantages of our products in many areas and segments of the construction market are enhancing as well.

Our Products

Corner bead, PVC corner bead with mesh, PVC straight corner bead, corner bead for arches: for building faces and indoor premises critical corners reinforcing and creating ideally straight corners.

Window reveal bead with mesh: for plaster slope levelling and assembly joint caulking.

Aluminum ground starting profile: for supporting and aligning the heat-insulating boards in ETICS.

PVC movement bead: for thermal joint finishing.

Clip on profile: for reinforcing and levelling of horizontal corners of building faces.

Other bulk materials for building faces.

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