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Render stop bead PVC with mesh

Render stop bead PVC with mesh

The profile is designed for:

  • high quality completion, levelling and reinforcement of the base plaster layer where it adjoints dissimilar surfaces;
  • visual color and structure differentiation between decorative plaster coatings;
  • creation of contraction joints;
  • cutting the plaster coating off in the facade basement;
  • joining the plaster coating with the plancer, including roof sheathing.

The profile can be supplemented with a removable bar to protect the adjacent surface from contamination and mechanical damage.
See mount assembly

Size of mesh, cm Width, m Length, m Quantity per pack
6 10 2,5 75
9 10 2,5 75
Other profile sizes are available on request
Packaging: cardboard box


Main function:

  • horizontal and vertical completion of the plaster coating, including ETICS;
  • adjunction of plaster to dissimilar structural materials (wood, metal, concrete, brick, PVC, drywall);
  • the perforated shelf with a mesh provides reliable profile fixation and additional base plaster coating reinforcement;
  • the outer shelf of the profile serves as a grade strip for overall spread of 6 and 9 mm thick plaster.


U-shaped PVC profile with a perforated shelf and a glued fiberglass with a density of at least 145 g.

  • UV light resistant.
  • Shatterproof.
  • White PVC profile.
  • Compatible with all types of plasters.
Related products:

A profile is used for internal painting work. The profile may be employed as a separate item on building faces only with the subsequent wrapping in alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh with a density of at least 160 g/sq. m .


The profile is used for reinforcement and alignment of a plaster layer of vertical and horizontal external and internal angular zones on facades of buildings, including the installation of thermal insulation system of plaster type.
It can be used for internal plastering.

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