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Groove bead

Groove bead is used for designing of decorative groove on the facades of buildings without additional reinforcement with facade fiberglass mesh.
See mount assembly

Size of groove, mm Length, m Quantity per pack
20х20 2-3 60
20х30 2-3 60
20х50 2-3 60
Other profile sizes are available on request


The profile is made of solid PVC with perforation on the side shelves in order to fix it properly in wet plaster mix

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The profile is used for qualitative adjunction and completion of a plaster layer to a window sill. Windowsill plater form protects the assembly joint from external weather conditions, retains thermal insulation function and helps to reduce heat loss.


The profile is used for finishing thermodynamic joints in ETICS . It is used as a covering profile for zones of displacement and tension (shrinkage-bending or shrinkage-compression) of two different bearing structures.

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